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About us and note for Collector Bears by Annerose Schneider

Important note!
All images are pictures of bears, which we already produced. And even it is basically possible to reproduce a bear it is handmade any way. As we are working with natural material, those like calf leather, kidskin or buffalo skin, most of them are colored by hand, every bear is an individual item in some way. So each bear looks different and will by a unique collector's item for its owner.

All of our bears are handmade with natural material. For this each bear is individual and unique. Generally there is no limitation. So we are manufacturing ourselves, there will be small number of pieces automatically.
Therefore the shown only can be examples of our possibilities. We would love to reproduce single bears on order. But we have to point out that we have to reserve variations especially in color and accessories.
If you emphasize in any detail, meet us at one of the fairs and exhibitons we take part in or contact us by

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